Company philosophy

JAD makes A beautiful space for humans.”

Human beings feel beauty only when sensibility moves beyond five senses.
JAD pursues true beauty through creation of human-centered space that considers human beings.

Quality Management Provide differentiated quality through systematic integrated services.
Maximizing our experts’ know-how with synergy effect of integration of three companies,
we provide differentiated quality.
We provide systematic integrated services through information exchange and communication among
three companies.
The close and prompt response of the three companies toward customers lead to faster results and time
and cost saving.
Safety Management Customer’s safety is my and my family’s safety.
It is a top priority for all JAD management decisions.
Employees are responsible for ensuring safety for themselves as well as their families and customers.
We document related contents and disclose concrete policy for effective execution of safety management.
Green Management We strengthen corporate competitiveness through low carbon green management.
We pursue sustainable growth from a new paradigm driven by environment.
We cultivate design leaders suitable for low-carbon era and provide green environment through carbon
abatement construction.
We offer opportunities for new growth engines through development of new green technologies
and the expansion of projections.